Learning emacs the fun way

Welcome to keywiz
There are currently 366 commands.

Only 366, yet I still don't know most of them...

Keywiz is a game for learning emacs commands. This is something like the second best way to help users learn an interface. (The best is to unobtrusively show them what commands are available, as menus do, but that's hard to do for hundreds of commands.) It's not a great game - it's obnoxiously modal, its difficulty isn't variable, and it rudely stops play after two minutes. Nor is it thorough - it appears to only cover global keybindings, so it misses mode-specific goodies and anything requiring M-x. All it does is give you the names and docstrings of functions bound to keys, and ask you to type the key sequence. But as a training tool it's better than any documentation ever written.

Insert spaces or tabs to next defined tab-stop column.

Well, that's easy. Tab.

Incorrect.  The correct answer is: M-i

There's another kind of tab? Ohhh, it's the manual indent, not autoindent. Hey, I needed that yesterday!

Display information about CODING-SYSTEM.

That's guessable. C-h c, right?

Wrong.  The correct answer is: C-h C, <f1> C, <help> C

Case-sensitivity, how do I hate thee...

Do incremental search backward.

At last, one I know!

Indeed.  The answer is: C-r

Time's up
You made 4 points.

Ouch. I've been using emacs for years, and I still only know a tiny fraction of it. Maybe if I play a few more games...

Via Marco Baringer (probably) on Cliki.

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