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Has anyone in the programming blogosphere complained to Blogger about the paucity of tags allowed in comments? Anyone discussing programming is likely to want code and pre, and anyone discussing pretty much anything may want blockquote from time to time. The restriction to b, i and a greatly discourages conversations (at least about programming) in comments. And isn't that what blogs are for?

There's a small issue with pre: long lines will disrupt page layout, especially when comments are formatted narrow. This is possibly with plain old text if you use very long words, but it's much more likely to happen by accident with pre. But couldn't the comment software just check for long lines while it's checking for forbidden tags?

WordPress allows these elements. Why doesn't Blogger?

While I'm complaining about Blogger, I should complain about something else that's annoyed me: the small size of their textareas, both for posts and comments. I can see how the small comment area might help discourage long comments, but couldn't the posting area be a little bigger? Maybe twenty lines instead of fifteen?

Not that I really care. I write most of my posts in Emacs.

Edit: How could I forget Blogger's most annoying feature? By default, posts appear with the wrong timestamp: it's the time you created the post, not the time you published it. If you don't finish a post right away, you will accidentally backdate it, unless you remember to edit the date. This is one of the reasons I write my posts in Emacs instead.

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