Learning to touch-type (finally)

Confession time: I can't touch-type. I've never bothered to learn, and when I try, I make so many mistakes that I give up and go back to visual typing. (And by the way, I mean visual typing, not hunt-and-peck. I know where the keys are; I just can't hit them reliably by touch alone.) In this I'm like most typists - touch typing is an ideal more aspired to than practiced.

But many people more productive than me highly recommend it. So today I googled up a nice typing-practice program, and I'm amazed at how fast I'm learning. My unconscious knowledge outstrips my knowledge of it, so after less than an hour of practice, I already find my fingers correctly typing things while I'm still trying to remember where the keys are. This suggests I actually touch-type more than I'm aware of, and have only a little kinesthesia to learn. Well, that and using the right fingers, and keeping my wrists straight. I should have done this years ago.

Better late than never. I touch-typed this post.

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